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That's the spirit - the THAI SPIRIT !

     We at Edelbrand had been distilling tropical fruit into a wide range of award-winning spirits for many years, but then a fascinating challenge came to our attention: to distill an ultra premium spirit from the most traditional of all local ingredients – fragrant Thai rice.

     With the advice and assistance of some of the world's best distillers, we have created a pure and mellow spirit that passes the most stringent standards.

     We source our fragrant rice directly from small growers, people with whom we have a close relationship, farmers that understand quality and share our pride in excellence.

     We encourage chemical free, sustainable agriculture, and nearly all the by-products of the production process are recycled, composted or used in environmentally friendly products, such as herbal insect repellents, that are then used on our suppliers' farms. By doing so, we not only help protect and heal the land, but we also help the farmers increase their income.

     Distilling is a delicate process, and it begins with the selecting of premium organic ingredients. Fermentation happens under strictly monitored conditions, to ensure a perfect environment for our yeasts to do their job. Then, the mash is slowly double distilled to crystalline purity in a German-made copper still.

Many who have seen our distilling process have commented that it is "as meticulous as artwork". This is true. Because of our strict standards, monthly production of is limited, because only in that way we can guarantee superior quality.

     The well known Thai Artist Thaivijit is said to have been inspired by 's unique and mellow flavor when he came up with our mascot logo, the Triangle Player.

     With its smooth and mild taste, can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the ideal main ingredient of your favorite cocktails – such as classics like the screwdriver, Bloody Mary, vodka martini, mojito, caipirinha, gimlet, Tom Collins, and long drinks mixed with soda, tonic water or fruit juices.